A Loft Conversion is a great way to add value and to achieve the living space you desire in your existing property. With house prices on the increase, improving the house you live in to make it the home you want can be a much more effective way to improve its value and getting what you need from the space you have. Co-ordination of the skill set required for building projects is the key to their success. Overseeing this yourself can be difficult and production can take longer than necessary whilst you wait for trades to be available.

West 5 Contracts have a multi-skilled workforce which ensures that we can co-ordinate your Loft Conversion for you. Having the correct tradesman there at the correct time is essential to moving things through smoothly from start to finish. Involving the local authority throughout your project can be daunting and confusing but is required to ensure everything is fully compliant with current building regulations. West 5 Contracts have the experience to help you manage every stage to ensure you remain in control of your Loft Conversion.