West 5 Contracts has been specialising in refurbishment of properties and buildings in and around London for many years. In that time, we have secured a reputation based on our quality of service, efficient management skills and a customer focused approach. Our refurbishment service provides you with a dedicated project manager that will oversee your entire project. This allows you to have a single point of contact instead of having to deal with several multiple trades required in any kind refurbishment project.

All our work is guaranteed to be of the highest standard and delivered within the time frame specified. Particular attention is given to the quality of finish, maximising the overall appearance of your home interior. Over the years, we have been involved in many refurbishment projects, where the work carried out has varied from refurbishing small houses to renovating large multiple occupancy premises. West 5 Contracts have a multi-skilled workforce which ensures that we are well equipped to undertake any refurbishment project.